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About us

Cyte was created in August 2022  by Dr. Priscila Serpa. This website's goal is to feature our research projects. It will also keep a record of who is part of our team and help us to find new members to work with us. 

Furthermore, we believe in Open Science and you can use the contact form to request any data produced by our group.

Black Dog


To develop diagnostic tools to improve cancer diagnosis and prepare passionate professionals to demonstrate the highest quality technical competence in their future careers.


To positively impact animal and human health by producing high-quality science and advancing the early diagnosis of cancer.


Excellence: striving to perform relevant research producing reliable and repeatable data.

Efficiency: having an organized environment with optimal use of resources and space.

Ethics: following the 3 R's (Replacement, Reduction and Refinement) and nurturing honesty, integrity, and responsibility among all lab members.

Well-being:  prioritize physical and mental health of all collaborators.

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